Get Hoverwatch to track devices in need of supervising

If you are constantly wondering what your kids are up to with their phones, then maybe it is time to put an end to the apprehension and start taking some effective steps. Installing spy software is possibly the best decision that you can take. It will not only help you in gaining full access to your son or daughter’s phone but also ensure that it is done secretively without them even knowing. Hence you need not interfere unnecessarily in your children’s life. The software will enable you to monitor everything that is going on in the device. Now considering that there are several doing rounds in the market, there is an urgent need to select one that is actually going to work.


Your monitoring needs solved

Now Hoverwatch is an option that you can effectively use in order to certify that your children or even employees are right on track and not wasting time during office hours. Once you have signed up for the account and installed the software in the device, all you need to do is start monitoring. It is the most effective, simple and easy to handle tracking software that you are going to come across. There are two separate plans available for users. The personal plan starts at $8.33 per month and you can track one device. On the other hand with the family plan, the rate starts at $3.33 each month. With this plan, you can track up to 5 devices. The software works on Windows, Mac and Android devices. Hence you are at the receiving end of all services. Once you get the application, there will be no more uncomfortable questionnaires flying around in the house.

Monitoring requirements under one umbrella

Considering the fast paced life that people are leading right now, your device is the one thing that contains and transfers all vital information that is related to personal as well as business needs. However the requirement to keep a check on it comes in the picture when children roam around with the devices, getting involved in all sorts of situations that are not ideal. Similarly even employees may indulge in social networking during office hours or even leaking business information to other competitors. Hoverwatch will actually allow you to keep a track of all these events so that you need not spend sleepless nights thinking who is up to what. Right from tracking messages and media files of social networking sites to call recordings, tracking location through GPS and GMS, viewing phone contacts and schedules or to-do lists and more; everything is made available to you. All activities within the target phone will be sent over to the dashboard for you to monitor.


Exclusive features

Now call, sms and location tracking are quite common amongst most software available in the market. However Hoverwatch differs in this case in many sectors. There are several characteristics that are absolutely fascinating and does away with the boundaries that initially stopped you from comprehensive monitoring. One of the most intriguing features is that that Hoverwatch can actually detect sim card changes. Hence whenever the user takes out the sim, a notification will be sent over to the dashboard. Another very interesting feature is that every time the phone is unlocked, the front camera clicks a picture of the user and sends it over to the control panel. Therefore you are constantly aware of who is using the phone and is where. These are some of the many unique features that have been introduced to allow a deeper insight into the world of tracking. The factor that the software itself remains hidden from the target phone is one of the reasons of its popularity.


Simple and effortless tracking

Hoverwatch introduces a very easy and complication free system of monitoring. Even if you are a novice getting into spying for the first time, the user friendly interface is going to make it a piece of cake for you to handle. With a simple and free registration and application download, you can keep a watch over the target device, where it is, with whom it is, the conversation taking place, the media files shared and transferred and many more. Right from getting to know about the events and to do list to viewing the contacts and more, Hoverwatch allows to keep a track of all those minute details that will enable you to understand circumstances. Therefore now you can keep an effective track without having to constantly disturb your employees or children. So let your guard down and do away with the apprehension. Get Hoverwatch and start monitoring.

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