The Benefits of an Excellent Point of Sale System

Every year, new technologies are developed. The goal of these innovative technologies is to make life easier. From mini supercomputers to medical technology revolutions, the tablet and iPad have simplified the way we live our lives, and they have made the unimaginable possible. One of the newest developments is the iPad POS (point of sale) system, which is particularly popular in restaurants. Essentially, it streamlines all the different operations within a restaurant, from digital time cards to stock levels, in a single device. So what are the benefits of these systems, and how have they improved from older POS systems?

What Is a POS System for iPads?

Essentially, it is piece of software that runs on an iPad, offering a range of features. The exact features offered vary depending on the developer of the app. However, all of them are designed to replace old fashioned POS systems, which were not very efficient and very bulky. The goal is to make something that is fully streamlined between various functions within the business, while being user-friendly at the same time. Furthermore, it lowers the investment costs in a POS system, helping to increase return on investment by decreasing the bottom line.

Key iPad POS System Functions

The exact functions and features offered by an iPad POS system, as discussed, vary between the different software developers. However, there are a number of key features that you can expect from a good system, which includes:

  • Being available on the cloud.
  • Being PCI compliant.
  • That it offers table management and hosting features.
  • That it is available offline when the ISP is down.
  • That it manages inventory automatically.
  • That it includes a real-time reservation system.
  • That it enables check splitting.
  • That orders can be changed or modified.
  • That it includes employee timecards and payroll functionality.
  • That it allows tables to be assigned.
  • That it creates financial reports with one button.
  • That it includes secure payment methods.
  • That it can integrate with any other app in the restaurant.
  • That it can be remotely accessed.
  • That it includes a high encryption rate.
  • That it has multiple sales points.
  • That it does not require third party apps.
  • That it only requires a low initial investment.
  • That it expedites orders.
  • That it doesn’t require as much hardware.

How Does iPad POS Compare to Older POS

When you look at the new iPad POS system to the older versions, there are a few things in particular to look at:

  1. New systems cost a lot more than the older ones. This makes them incredibly attractive over the older ones.
  2. New systems are lightweight, have a fantastic visual interface, allow multiple sales points, and enable remote access, all on a single license. Older versions do not offer this in any way.
  3. New systems are very easy to get to grips with, compared to quite complex older versions.
  4. New systems are designed not just to take and expedite orders, but to reduce managerial stress at the same time.

As you can see, iPad POS systems are incredibly beneficial.

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