Cyware: Your Guide to Achieve Cyber Security

The sophistication of cyber attacks are increasing day by day and cyber threats cannot be fought unless we are completely aware with whom we are fighting and what to fight against. With the dynamics of ransomware, spyware, trojans and other malware changing at a fast pace, it is not an easy task to have a foolproof system that ensures the security of digital assets.

However, with Cyber Situational Awareness, readers can be educated to stay safe online, but being cyber aware is not just a day job. It requires a person to read every cyber related article published on the internet to know about the existing as well as emerging threats, which is close to impossible. In order to achieve Cyber Situational Awareness, it is essential to integrate a system that consumes information happening in the cyberspace; analyzes it; and retains meaningful data to make amends and plug in the vulnerabilities in the system. This is exactly what the Cyware app does.

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Cyware app is more than just any regular app; it is a situational awareness platform that helps both the cybersecurity team and general internet users by providing them a direction through cyber awareness. To adopt the right approach towards cybersecurity and figure out an apt security paradigm; being cyber aware is extremely important. Being the first of its kind platform that works towards disseminating cyber situational awareness, Cyware app acts as a game changer.

Cyware constantly scans the internet for all articles, cyber security stories and blog posts published about cyber security. The machine learning algorithm chooses only the best ones that consist of vital information published by the genuine sources and summarizes this information in a crisp and short format by retaining only essential data. This short summary can be readily consumed by the user. The app also allows users to easily disseminate the information further by sharing it with the leadership team, clients, peers, and operations security team; and friends and family.

The news cards published by the Cyware in real-time act as ‘threat intelligence’ in an organization’s cyberspace and allows them to take proactive steps to prevent data breaches. The app helps organizations to send threat alerts, best practices, cyber safety tips and practices to its employees and this is how situational awareness helps to identify the new types of malware and weed them out successfully. One of the best things Cyware does is to encourage employees in taking equal responsibility of cybersecurity of a company.

Ensuring cybersecurity in any organization, or home is like fighting with a faceless enemy. This fight cannot be won unless you exactly know where to look out for the enemy’s details and how exactly to strike and achieving that knowledge is only possible through cyber conscience. Cyber conscience, or say cyber situational awareness can only be gained through platforms like Cyware.

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