Bragi Dash’s MyTap Feature Summons Siri or Google Now With a Tap Near Your Ear

Bragi Dash's MyTap Feature Summons Siri or Google Now With a Tap Near Your Ear

The Bragi Dash is a smart wireless headset that runs an operating system called Bragi OS. The company has been pushing new features with software updates to the headset. For instance, version 2.1 of the software brought in multi-lingual support and improved Bluetooth. Now Bragi is out with version 2.2 that brings in a feature called MyTap. Come November 21st, wearers of the headset can just tap twice near their ear to summon Siri or Google Now on your phone, depending on whether you’re using iOS or Android respectively. This is different from AirPods, that require you to tap on the headset itself to summon the digital assistant.

This feature is part of the Kinetic User Interface, which is meant to recognise gestures that don’t require the user to touch the headset. The company suggests more such gestures will be out soon. For example, – such as accepting phone calls by simply nodding, or shaking your head to decline them, or tapping the sides of your face to change songs.

It’s fair to note that the Dash already has a handful number of operations it performs using the touch-sensitive outer surface of the headset. The update also brings in a feature called WindShield, which blocks out wind noises when using the headset in audio transparency mode – something that allows you to hear the surroundings alongside music.The Bragi Dash is capable of receiving new features via updates thanks to the Bragi OS platform powered by a 32-bit ARM chip built into the headset. This, along with the 27 built-in sensors, is what is able to make the Dash recognise the above-mentioned gestures.

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